Making A Prophetic Decree!

“What’s more, the soul of the Lord floated over the outside of the waters… ” – Genesis 1:2

At that point God said… At that point God… At that point… At that point…

“The Spirit of the Lord drifted… ”

“At that point God said… ”

We have a forceful truth found in the initial three stanzas of our Bible, three refrains that we as a whole have heard and perused multiple times. There is a shrouded truth that will provide for life to the perishing, riches to poor people, want to the discouraged, and redemption to the mistreated.

“The Spirit of the Lord drifted… and afterward God said… ” Continue Request a prophetic word

O’ Lord drift over our congregation today, float over our gathering of adherents today, float over our souls, float over our brains, drift over our human bodies, and float over our soul today. And after that Lord… And afterward…

We are a confidence of imploring devotees, we are a confidence of individuals that accept that God will answer petition – so we shout out – we shout out – we shout out. In any case, do we genuinely pursue the superb models that God has indicated us in his promise? It is safe to say that we are feeling the loss of the capacity to bring the Kingdom of God (his world) into our existence, by disregarding the standards and direct directions that God has spread out for us in his promise? Give me a chance to pose that inquiry once more…

Is it accurate to say that we are feeling the loss of the capacity to bring the Kingdom of God (HIS REALITY) into our world, by overlooking the standards and direct directions that God has spread out for us in his promise?

Who has supplications that you need to see replied? Who here has been imploring and trusting that God will reply, for God to move, for God? Perhaps God is basically hanging tight for us…

· Job 22:28 “Thou shalt additionally order a thing, and it will be set up unto thee”

A pronouncement is a request, a law, it is an order that is gone ahead by power that must be trailed by those under that specialist. At the point when the King of a nation or region put forward a declaration – it was conclusive. The declaration couldn’t be changed or discarded, in light of the fact that the Kings word was to never be questioned.

So it is with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – his statement will stay away for the indefinite future void, it generally achieves what is was gone ahead for.

You will proclaim a thing, and it will be set up unto you!

This isn’t “name it and guarantee it” or “gab it and snatch it” religious philosophy that some way or another ran widespread in the 90’s – anyway in light of the fact that a few people misused truth or included avaricious wants alongside their petitions, does not reject reality that lies in the expression of God.

Truth will consistently remain and truth that is for you and I today!

We pardon our absence of supply, our absence of comprehension, and our absence of intensity, as God’s sovereign will. God is a sovereign God we state. God has an arrangement we state. God is still on the position of authority we declare. Our ways are not his ways and our contemplations are not his considerations we reason with each other.

It’s OK if our Government underpins fetus removal we state – God has an arrangement…

It’s OK if the congregation body is loaded with disorder and sickness – God is still in charge…

It’s OK if our houses of worship are little and our general surroundings is going to hellfire – God is still God…

God had an arrangement and God was on the position of authority 36 years back when this country permitted fetus removal on-request as a lawful ideal to the ladies of this country. 36 years prior, and 50 Million ridiculous passings later, he is still on the royal position despite everything he has an arrangement… As Cancer has developed from 1 out of 100 individuals to 1 of every 3 individuals, taking valuable lives and pulverizing families, God had an arrangement and God was on the honored position… at the point when the houses of worship have part and harmed individuals have betrayed God and allowed the to world solace and alleviate their injuries, God had an arrangement and God was on the royal position.

Indeed God is on the position of authority and Yes God has an arrangement… His arrangement is you and I – It is the congregation body! He has given us power and expert – and directed us – I rehash instructed us to take his Kingdom, his capacity, and his affection to the world!

We should implore and look for God’s face in our day by day fights, we should ask and look for God’s face for our country, we should supplicate and look for God’s face for our family, however we should likewise take our power that we have, and order – talk forward from our mouth the choice we remain upon, the choice for honorableness, the choice to live Holy, the choice to stroll under a blessing that brings liberation, and for it to be on Earth for what it’s worth in Heaven!

God is on the position of authority today with THE PLAN to carry this world into arrangement with Heaven, God is on the royal position with an arrangement and that arrangement is the choice, the activities, and the declarations of us, his kids.

“Ask and you will get” “You have not on the grounds that you ask not” “At all ye will inquire… “- we have been shown very well how to inquire… it is time we start figuring out how to declare – articulate – immovably choose – and talk into reality.

At the point when the devotees were in the vessel and confronting the dread of death from the tempest that whipped them around, they hurried to Jesus and asked for his assistance and his liberation. “Harmony. Stay composed.” We want to recount to that story, how Jesus can quiet the tempests throughout our life. How he can convey from us peril with only a word.

However, as we study the sacred writing completely we see that Jesus, following quieting the tempest, reprimanded the supporters for their absence of confidence – they were reproached for their activity of going to him for the appropriate response when THEY HAD AUTHORITY themselves!

Jesus additionally did not petition the dad in this circumstance. We realize Jesus appealed to the dad at different occasions, yet why not this time? Is it accurate to say that he was demonstrating his godliness? Or on the other hand would he say he was making a model by taking expert over that which was under his power?

Harmony. That was not an appeal or devout solicitation. It was an order – it was an announcement.

Stay composed – an immediate order from an individual of power. The talking about the word enacted the confidence in that expert, and the tempest needed to comply.

What tempests throughout our life would we say we are as yet trusting that God will reply? We cry with dread and franticness, similarly as the followers did, their cry resounded “don’t you care Jesus” thus do our cries and requests. Where are our declarations and announcements? Where is the collection of Christ standing strikingly and taking expert over the malevolent that is assaulting us?

Imprint 11:23 discloses to us that in the event that we have confidence and, at that point say unto the mountain to be thrown into the ocean, at that point it will be finished. It proceeds by saying that at all we state will happen, and we will have what we state. What are we as a congregation saying? What are we letting get away from our lips futile and inactive words, and furthermore what are making a firm order, a choice dependent on confidence and the guarantees of God?

· It has been said by one priest that our expressions of prophetic declaration are similarly as significant as our supplications of request, if not progressively significant.

It is safe to say that you are prepared for certain marvels to show in your life? It is safe to say that we are prepared to see the Kingdom of God show in our congregation?

We should look to the book of Ezekiel section 37 – the valley of the dry bones. He was taken by the soul to a valley of dry bones, and the Bible says Lo’ they were dry. What number of comprehend this valley speaks to a low time, and the bones speak to death – the base of the base and the to top it all off.

God asks “Can these bones live?” I trust God is posing us this equivalent inquiry today. Can these bones live?

Could the demise of sacredness and exemplary nature be breathed life into back?

Could the dead pieces of our souls be reawakened with life?

Could the psychological agony and aguish of our past be taken back to the living?

Could your ailment and ailment be surpassed with LIFE as the dry bones live yet again? I trust God is asking us these inquiries even today!

Be that as it may, God does not start the marvel for Ezekiel, God does not bring life, and from the dry bones we can see that God did not prevent the demise from occurring in any case.

Where was God? On the position of royalty trusting that man will accomplice and take specialist!

God talked – not to the dry bones, yet to Ezekiel, INSTRUCTING HIM to prescience – training him to declare – teaching him to initiate the inexplicable through his voice. Furthermore, as Ezekiel declared life over the bones – as he talked life over the bones – as he talked resurrection into the bones… All of a sudden, there was a rattling commotion the whole way across the valley!

Who is prepared for a resurrection, who is prepared for life rather than death, who is prepared for capacity to woken up inside your body? Why should prepared hear a rattling over your life as you see your words move the very hand of God all-powerful?

State with me I AM READY!

In the book of Genesis we see the soul of God over the waters, and as the soul floated… would we be able to fill the soul drifting over us today? As the soul floated God talked, he utilized words to frame the world. As the soul drifts over us… is it accurate to say that you are prepared to talk life, and power structure God to show in our present reality?

At that point we see the soul of God over the valley of dry bones – what number of us have ‘dry bones’ a major part of our life today? We see the soul of God over the dry bones, and afterward he uses words once more to bring life… in any case, this time he utilizes his hireling, his tyke, to talk life and deliver the inexplicable!

As the soul drifts, the brilliance of his essence opens up a domain of Heaven and blessing that brings extraordinary supernatural occurrences.

Would it be a good idea for us to supplicate? Indeed!

Would it be a good idea for us to quick? Indeed!

Would it be a good idea for us to look for? Indeed!

In any case, in the event that we quick and supplicate and look for and still disregard the direction of God to announce forward and carry life to the dead bones, order and deliver harmony to the smashing waves and tempests, on the off chance that we neglect to proclaim life – we have neglected to be all that God has called upon us to turn into.

God said address the mountain – not implore about the mountain.

Jesus addressed the fig tree – he didn’t implore about it.

Jesus addressed the tempest – he didn’t supplicate about it.

Diminish talked – rise and walk – he didn’t ask about it.

We were advised to lecture (that is talking) saying the Kingdom of Heaven is within reach, recuperate the debilitated (not implore about it), wash down the outcasts (not appeal to God for them), raise the dead (not petition God for them), and cast out de

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